Brent (brent_thelawyer) wrote in foto_nerds,

Hey everyone, you might have noticed that I haven't updated much lately. That's because I was on this long crazy vacation which included a family reunion, a wedding, Barbados and more!

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There's me near the poolside at our big family reunion, I could exactly womanize there, so I did the pool thing.

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I was an usher at my cousin Lucy's wedding, yeah yeah!

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My uncle Miloshe on the beaches in Jamaica.

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This is when me and the gang went clubbing in Rio, hell of a time, ^^^ I think that woman was pregnant.

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Meeting gorgeus women at clubs. My hair is getting a bit shaggy, good thing other countries have hair dressers.

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Me finally getting a tan in Barbados, that's my cousin Sheri.

Me before going for a dip in the lake.

Me and these two guys I met in Cuba. I love my gloves.

My first sumo wrestling lesson.

My new outfit.

Me at the airport.

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